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If Anise des Gones is in a transparent bottle, it's because it has nothing to hide!


Discover a real distillery Pastis!

A rigorous selection of aromatic plants from here and around the world:

We work with the best partners to use only the best of the plants, flowers and spices that go into the composition of Anis Lyonnais. Once at the distillery, each supply is assessed and micro-distillations are carried out in order to adjust and best express the profile of each ingredient, it is a first know-how guardian of the quality on which the Distillery of Lyon is committed at all times.


It creates, extracts, concentrates, fixes and harmonizes the recognizable aromas of Anis des Gones. This requires great mastery and a lot of patience: the smallest detail makes the difference.

It is at this stage that the abundant essential oils of anise and other plants are collected until saturation, the latter will later make your Pastis squint* intensely when fresh water is added.

* Louchisement: Opaque whitening when water is added, characteristic of alcohols rich in essential oils


With a precision worthy of watchmaking, the distillation is carried out slowly in an entirely copper still with direct heating.


L'Anis des Gones knows how to make himself desired in order to be better appreciated.


Carefully worked until the last second, the distillate will be rested for better aromatic development, then it will be reduced (reduction of the alcohol level for consumption), colored thanks to a maceration of a mixture of plants, and then slightly sweetened before being bottled.


Freshness & balance

A frank, fresh and powerful fragrance, L'Anis des Gones bleu is an aperitif full of character and elegance.

It is made from 17 distilled plants and maceration for its coloring. It is very slightly sweet, which makes it refreshing and refined.

Purists and anise lovers will discover a product that breaks the rules and doesn't lie.


To be enjoyed diluted in 6 to 9 volumes of iced water


To be enjoyed diluted in 4 to 7 volumes of iced water


Expressive, complex and soft, Anis des Gones red has a more rounded and structured style.

It is made from 24 plants, largely distilled, and a more careful maceration. It is also a little sweeter, for a softer and more delicious result.

Easy to understand, this recipe with its complex bouquet will appeal to all curious pastis consumers.

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