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we are the lyon distillery

The Distillerie de Lyon is run by a young and dynamic team, which brings a vibrant and creative energy to all our activities. With a shared passion for craft and spirits, our team is constantly inspired to push the boundaries of innovation and quality.

Each member brings their unique skills and fresh vision, which creates a collaborative and stimulating work environment. This youthful spirit translates into a bold and innovative approach in everything we do, from the design of our products to our commitment to our customers and our community.

Together, we embody a spirit of creativity, perseverance and determination, which allows us to stand out in the world of spirits.

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Richard Ducret is the master distiller behind the Distillerie de Lyon. Originally from Haut-Doubs, the birthplace of absinthe, he began his career as an entrepreneur and distiller at the age of 20, officially, with his first distillery, DUCRET FRERES, in Flangebouche, in Haut-Doubs in Franche-Comté.

He was probably the youngest independent distiller in France when he started in 2016. Richard and his brother created their first liqueur, "Sapinette", during a drunken evening.

Richard has a background including studies in chemistry, followed by an engineering degree in industrial engineering. He is also a graduate of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in London, as well as WSET Spiritueux, where he is also a teacher at the Académie du Vin de Paris.

His journey also led him to distill Wales' first absinthe in 2020 during an internship. It was following the fire of his first distillery that Richard will bring to fruition the distillery project in Lyon in 2021, until now parallel.

For Richard, spirits are much more than just a passion. A child of the countryside, he embodies the spirit of tradition, while being visionary and avant-garde. He likes to say "We don't live from that, we live for that", and that perfectly sums up his commitment and determination to create exceptional products that celebrate the art of his profession.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”

Our philosophy is Authentic products. Authenticity is being content to be without trying to appear. We could say “Craft” even if it doesn’t mean much: Here, we arm ourselves with passion and patience. What we want is to make the product speak for itself. Get the best possible from the ingredients, by selecting them and working with them rigorously. It's equipment that we want to be simple, but which keeps us as close as possible to the action, it's know-how, humility, simplicity. This is our vision of Craft, of the “Artisanal” product, it is made without cheating, and is limited only to creativity and inspiration.


“That evening, the moon had copper reflections”

We are equipped with a 1000L "Carterhead" still (also called "Laumont", or "hybrid") called "LUNA": a Pot Still type boiler, a botanical basket and a dry rectification column. The latter is directly heated with gas, giving our products a frank and recognizable signature.

Entirely made of copper, this still required a long manufacturing process before being in our hands; its design allows the Lyon distillery to venture into all types of spirits.

WE design your projects and products

We aim to share our experience and enthusiasm beyond our own creations, through various partnerships, collaborations and events. Commissioned by brands for the design of tailor-made products, from the recipe to the packaging, we then ensure the manufacturing. From the smallest personalized project for a bar or restaurant, to large volume manufacturing, these different contracts allow us to be ever more attentive and responsive to your projects.

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